Potsdamer Platz (German: ptsdam plats literally Potsdam Square) is an important public square and traffic intersection in the centre of Berlin, Germany, lying about 1 km (1,100 yd) south of the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag (German Parliament Building and close to the southeast corner. 2018!
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    Otto Stahn (18591930 who was also responsible for the city's Oberbaumbrücke over the River Spree. Store on the ground floor and military police station above, had been a prime target in the insurrection and been burnt out yet again, along with the Haus Vaterland and other premises. In addition, the citys colossal pace of change reichskanzlei (compared by some to that of Chicago 4 had caused its chief planner, Martin Wagner (18851957 to foresee the entire centre being made over totally as often as every 25 years. Indeed, this, together with the grid pattern of the streets, is what one would expect in Prussias chief garrison city. One design submitted by Wagner himself comprised an array of gleaming new buildings arranged around a vast multi-level system of fly-overs and underpasses, with a huge glass-roofed circular car-park in the middle. Just three years later a second railway terminus opened in the vicinity. Café Josty was one of two rival cafés (the other being the Astoria, later Café Eins A occupying the broad corner between Potsdamer Straße and Bellevuestraße. This traffic had grown to extraordinary levels. Historical background edit, potsdamer Platz began as a trading post where several country roads converged just outside. After that, only two buildings in the immediate vicinity of Potsdamer Platz still stood one complete, the other in a half-ruined fragmented form: the Weinhaus Huth 's steel skeleton had enabled the building to withstand the pounding of World War II virtually undamaged, and. Famous for its fine claret, numerous members of European society were made welcome there as guests. These measures were only partially successful: after further skirmishes in which shots were fired, barbed wire entanglements were stretched across some roads, a foretaste of things to come. In 1660 the Elector Frederick William made it his route of choice to Potsdam, the location of his palace, which had recently been renovated. What was not apparent from the western side however, was that East Berlin's construction alte boasted its own illuminated display board facing east, whose messages comprised the version of the news that the Communist authorities in the east wanted their citizens to believe. Surviving parts of the former Hotel Esplanade have been incorporated into the north side of the Sony development, including the Kaisersaal which, in a complex and costly operation in March 1996, was moved in one piece (all 1,300 tonnes of it some 75 metres from. Meanwhile, country peasantry were generally not welcome in the city, and so the gates also served to restrict access. The railways arrive edit Potsdamer Platz - the Potsdamer Bahnhof around 1900. Beginning in 1990 the course was re-routed into part of East Berlin, and in 2001 a further adjustment meant that the course has since run through Potsdamer Platz.

    And more pessimistic claims that the development had largely paradice casino failed in its original intentions. At the bottom of the steps is a placard showing what the square looked like in 1929 The heyday of Potsdamer Platz was in the 1920s and 1930s 2 m high, a customs or excise wall, in direct response to the ban on sales. Like this can be found all over Berlin. Although examples of" many of which were purchased by coachloads of curious visitors brought specially to this sad location. Priest, by the 1920s the number of cars had soared. After developing within the space of little over a century from an intersection of rural thoroughfares into the most bustling traffic intersection in Europe. That on the western side was erected first 17 km long and 1 it was totally laid to waste during. The implications for Potsdamer Platz were ominous. Where they took over most of the upper floors. Juni 1953 in German, on, naziaffiliated concerns occupied a great many buildings in the area.

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    Followed by the New Palace in 17639. KarlMarxAllee in 1961 into their own showpiece boulevard. He later built casino a new palace. Since then the lease has been extended to 15 years. Note the traffic light tower, and whose elegance and clean lines won alte it much praise.

    On the left side is the Bahn-Tower and on the right side the Kollhoff-Tower Residential building by Richard Rogers, part of the Daimler complex at Potsdamer Platz, in 2008.Hitler had big plans for Berlin, to transform it into the Welthauptstadt (World Capital) Germania, to be realised by his architect friend Albert Speer (190581).