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    shelf with the album cover sitting on the top. Players who like to collect every item in the game will have a field day with Mafia 3, as it offers up a total of 161 collectibles to be found and collected. Open up the right garage to find this collectible inside. Clarence Carter, the final Album Cover in this district can be found at the Warm Hearts neighborhood kitchen. This page will contain the location of all club player casino no deposit bonus codes 2017 of the collectible album covers in Mafia. Mafia III Tickfaw Harbor, album Cover Locations. Look for a red garage door and then run down a side alley and jump over a gate on your left. Then, head to the blue trailer and youll find this cover on top of the filing cabinet. Open up the door to access the bottom level, and head inside to claim this Album Cover from the desk. Johnny Cash The first Album Cover in this district can be located on a workbench inside of a houses back garage. Go around back through the alley and into the garage to find. Roy Orbison: Crying, viks casino bonus ohne einzahlung head to the map location below, and look out for a set of vendor stands in a courtyard. Creedence Clearwater Revival The final Album Cover hidden throughout New Bordeaux, players can collect and complete their collection by locating this Album Cover on a corner shelf inside of the kitchen in Shooters Bar, located in the Bayou. Thanks to our friend "abarmot" I found last album cover! Aretha Franklin Head to the location on the map below and look out for a set of two-story apartments. This one is in the back office on a desk. Check this point m/xuicv9w, it's in southwest of Downtown, this album location doesn't appear even if you wire all Downtown districts. The album itself is in the back room. Head around the building and hop over the back fence to gain entry. Youll find this collectible Album Cover inside the building, resting amongst a bunch of trash at the bottom of the stairs. The Temptations, make your way to the rail depot in this district. Keep checking back with us as we expand this guide. Barclay Mills, there are only 2 Album Cover collectibles hidden in the Barclay Mills district. Thats all of the Album Covers, their locations, and how to find them. Players can nab this Album Cover from the counter inside of Joeys All-American Diner. Head inside and make your way to the kitchen. Head inside the house to find this Album Cover on a desk in the living room area. Head to the train yard in the south of Barclay Mills.

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    Head up to the roof to find this Album Cover on a stack of boxes at the top of the stairwell. Then look for the garage and break in through the back door to gain allianz stadion berlin casino access and claim this Album Cover. All Album Cover Locations in Mafia. Underneath one of the benches in this area is this album cover. Turn and look for a garage with a trailer parked in front. Mafia III Bayou Fantom Album Cover Locations. Ll find this album in the back room.

    There are 30 Album Covers hidden throughout the city in total.Players looking to find all of these items will need to pay close.The third Album Cover in this district can be located on a stack of boxes inside a greenish house at the location on the map below.

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    This album is located at the northwest part of royale the Hallow in a garage. Album Cover Locations in Mafia III. The final Album Cover in this district can be found inside of Shooters Bar. The Duprees Look for the Auto Service station in Southdowns. Resting on a bookshelf, youll have to break down the door to gain access. The harbor area casino of New Bordeaux only has 2 Album Covers for players to collect.

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    This Album Cover can be grabbed from underneath the bench.The Chambers Brothers, youll want to head to the Northwestern part of this district, right up by the boundary between here and Barclay Mills.Otis Redding, to grab this collectible, players will need to actually head to the location weve marked on the map.